Company Management at Hansgrohe

Responsible company management is the foundation for long-term success. At Hansgrohe, it is firmly anchored in company policy. Therefore, the executive board of Hansgrohe SE focuses on more than just economic success in its decisions. It’s much more important to always keep an eye on social responsibility and environmental protection.

The executive board of Hansgrohe SE.
Members of the executive board: André Wehrhahn, Frank Semling, Hans Juergen Kalmbach (Chairman) and Christophe Gourlan (left to right) (Copyright: Hansgrohe SE).

Responsible leadership – a constant demand at the top

Even company founder Hans Grohe and his heirs had a great passion for water as a precious element worth protecting. This appreciation still forms the foundation for all important decisions at the top of the company today. A responsible management style is continued by the executive board across all decision-making levels of the organization: Hansgrohe is committed to environmentally friendly products, to corporate environmental protection, and at the same time to supporting it staff and society.

Transparent decision-making processes

At Hansgrohe, we always make important corporate decisions on the basis of clear facts. We keep the entire company and all parties involved in view. We take great care to ensure that we always comply with and, where possible, exceed legal regulations and other requirements placed on us. Our goal: ensuring complete compliance. We also expect our employees, suppliers, and visitors to comply with all rules and regulations.

Active knowledge management

We enhance the innovative strength of our company by specifically promoting the creativity of our employees. We invest in the expertise of our employees through individual personnel development and further training. We share the expertise they develop and valuable knowledge within our organization with all our colleagues. At the same time, we are researching and working on new products, materials, and manufacturing processes that use existing resources as efficiently as possible. This way, we are already laying the foundations for future innovations today.
Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, CEO Hansgrohe SE.

Values that unite us

Passion, appreciation, teamwork, and trust

"Cooperation based on trust and appreciation – that is how we operate at Hansgrohe. Values that all our employees live by, because we are only successful as a team. Together, we passionately shape the present and future of our company – for sustainable, steady growth."

Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, CEO of Hansgrohe SE


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