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AXOR Conscious Showers by PHOENIX

Appreciation for the Preciousness of Water

Schiltach, May 2022. An enjoyable shower is an indispensable, precious ritual of everyday life. The appreciation for this luxurious moment in the daily routine is demonstrated by the sheer indispensability of a shower after a long day, a strenuous work-out, or even for a vital start to the day. With the new AXOR Conscious Showers, this valuable ritual is not only particularly pleasant and luxurious, but also responsible. The integrated technology ensures that water is used sparingly as a resource without noticeable compromise of the showering experience. That's why the AXOR Conscious Showers offer a unique combination of a generous shower head with a powerful water spray that envelops the body, while maintaining a low flow rate starting at six liters per minute. Their timeless aesthetics and the wide range of high-quality surface finishes make the AXOR Conscious Showers a personal and individual expression of a conscious approach to water.

The AXOR Conscious Showers

The product range includes a rectangular AXOR Overhead Shower 245/185 and two round design variants, AXOR Overhead Shower 220 and 245. In the EcoSmart+ variant, the AXOR Conscious Shower reduces the flow rate to less than six liters per minute with almost unchanged comfort. All objects are universally applicable thanks to their reduced design language and were designed in partnership with the award-winning PHOENIX design studio. A visual highlight of the shower heads is their fine engraving on the contour. This line gives the objects a unique structure that also visually supports the flow of water. Furthermore, when light falls on this engraved line, it creates exquisite light reflections that are mirrored in the bathroom. Depending on the angle, this play of light is reminiscent of a dance of many diamonds: Another homage to the preciousness of water. The round AXOR 245 overhead shower sets another striking design example with visible screws. This small, unmistakable detail shows the precision manufacturing of the objects in the AXOR Center for Excellence at the Hansgrohe Group's headquarters in the Black Forest. This is where all products in the range are produced in Chrome and Matt Black, as well as in other AXOR FinishPlus PVD finishes by request. The reduced and generic design language of the showers suits a wide range of different styles. Its minimalist design enables a wide range of combination options with other AXOR product collections for the individual bathroom.

About AXOR

AXOR conceives and manufactures iconic objects for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned designers - Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Barber Osgerby among them - AXOR products come in a variety of styles. All AXOR faucets, showers and accessories are produced to the highest standards of quality. With an expertise that extends far beyond the products themselves, AXOR inspires and enables architects, interior designers and the design-savvy public. Together with AXOR, they shape water-related spaces that reflect the unique personality of the user. Part of the Hansgrohe Group, AXOR is a forward-thinking brand dedicated to developing distinctive products, manufactured with excellence.


Astrid Bachmann
Deputy Lead Corporate Communications, Global PR AXOR