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A Runway for Individuality

Designhotel Laurichhof, Pirna, Germany
Schiltach, July 2021. Situated at the gateway to the German Saxon Switzerland region and, in the immediate vicinity of Dresden, the metropolis on the Elbe, the Laurichhof invites you to a unique stay. The fantastic location, which encourages hiking through one of Europe's most beautiful rocky landscapes or strolling through the cultural city on the Elbe, contributes decisively to this experience. But the main role is played by the design hotel itself. On a vacant family plot, Annette Katrin Seidel, together with her son Franz Philip Seidel, realized her long-cherished dream of a project: an expression of her more than thirty years of practice as an interior designer and architect. The result is the design hotel Laurichhof, boasting 27 individually furnished suites that invite you to discover and experience, to marvel and admire, to relax and recuperate.

Fusion of Styles

Every area of the Laurichhof is designed down to the finest detail – from the tiles created for the hotel bar and the Lazy Laurich restaurant, to the custom-made wallpaper and personalized upholstery on the sofa. Planning and furnishing each suite with an individual concept was worth the effort: suites such as 'Big in Japan' transport you to the Far East with a discreet aesthetic, while 'Mogli' contains a jungle landscape offering an exotic holiday feeling – to name just two of the 27 individual worlds. Despite the diverse interior styles – ranging from modern to classical to romantic – the suites share an essential quality: each offers guests a unique opportunity for a stay tailored to their personal preferences and individual moods. The bathrooms play a crucial role in this. Through the material palette, color scheme and, of course, the selection of AXOR faucets and showers, the spaces perfectly reflect each suite's design concept. And with walk-in showers, generous shelf space and cutting-edge music systems, each bathroom helps guests rise early in the morning and wind down in the evening.

For the hotel's furnishings, the Seidels worked exclusively with designer furniture and high-quality objects. Annette Katrin Seidel describes her hotel's furnishings as, "a reflection of what is possible in interior design today and of the products I have encountered and appreciated during my professional career." All pieces were carefully selected and, if necessary, individualized to align with each suite's concept. A highlight: all furniture and design objects can be purchased directly from the Seidel design studio. Consequently, the Laurichhof acts as a "showroom to try out" – with suites serving as runways for major interior brands, inviting guests to recreate their dream world and favorite mood in their own homes.

At the wash basins and in the showers, the interior designer and her son opted for a wide range of AXOR collections and AXOR Showers products. In the 'My Way' suite, for example, the design classic AXOR Citterio with a signature pin handle forms a striking, linear counterpart to the bright, yellow-grey bathroom design and textured sheet-metal flooring. Matching the wash basin faucet, the AXOR Citterio thermostat for concealed installation is featured in the shower.

Offering a contrasting ambiance, the 'Casa Novum' suite combines a warm wooden floor, red walls, heart-shaped wallpaper, and a romantic four-poster bed. The highlight in this "bel étage for lovers " is the free-standing bathtub directly in front of the double bed, flanked by a free-standing AXOR Urquiola bathtub thermostat with hand-held shower. In the bathroom, also in red and black, the free-standing AXOR Urquiola single-lever wash basin faucet is combined with an oval wash bowl. But the AXOR LampShower provides the real eye-catcher. This combination of light fixture and overhead shower artfully extends the extravagant design concept into the shower area.

Within the three-room 'Under the Sea' suite, two AXOR collections set design accents in the two bathrooms. AXOR Starck Organic faucets provide a fitting design element in the aquatic world's deep-sea-inspired bathroom, reflecting the two hotel designers' "everything-in-flow" vision. The second bathroom features the AXOR Massaud three-hole wash basin faucet alongside mosaic tiles in coral red and orange. In the shower, the AXOR One hand-held shower provides a generous stream of water to indulge the user.

The 'Earl Grey' suite feels almost stately, however, with an imposing, customized couch in blue velvet upholstery serving as the visual highlight – surrounded by large, reflective floor tiles and grey patterned wallpaper. To complement the grey and white marble, the elegant wooden cabinets and shelves and the wall-mounted radiator in gleaming chrome, the Seidels chose the timelessly elegant AXOR Citterio M three-hole wall-mounted wash basin faucet. AXOR Citterio M fittings are also installed in the shower to create a uniform look.

When the two new hoteliers Annette Katrin and Franz Philip Seidel chose AXOR, a variety of factors influenced their decision. Among them, the stylistic diversity of the AXOR collections – which range from classic to modern, traditional to avant-garde, purist to organic – and which helped convey the individual design concept behind each suite, right down to the washbasin. This allowed both designers to draw on their full creative resources during planning. For Annette Katrin, the bathroom furnishings were not only about creativity, but also characteristics such as quality, durability and how the products could be installed and used in everyday life. An important consideration was the possibility to individualize each faucet. For the 'Marrakech' suite, for example, the AXOR Montreux wash basin faucet with classic cross handles and the AXOR Montreux shower set were finished in Brushed Nickel, ensuring a flawless fit with a bathroom concept that features warm bronze tones and gold-colored accessories.

About AXOR

​​​​​​​AXOR conceives and manufactures iconic objects for luxurious bathrooms and kitchens. Developed in collaboration with world-renowned designers – Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud and Barber Osgerby among them – AXOR products come in a variety of styles. All AXOR faucets, showers and accessories are produced to the highest standards of quality. With an expertise that extends far beyond the products themselves, AXOR inspires and enables architects, interior designers and the design-savvy public. Together with AXOR, they shape water-related spaces that reflect the unique personality of the user. Part of the Hansgrohe Group, AXOR is a forward-thinking brand dedicated to developing distinctive products, manufactured with excellence.


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Deputy Lead Corporate Communications, Global PR AXOR