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Optimized Tap Water in Harmony with Body and Environment

The premium brand hansgrohe launches the kitchen faucet Aqittura M91 FilterSystem

Schiltach, January 2022. With the new hansgrohe Aqittura M91 FilterSystem, optimized drinking water is just a handle away from the kitchen faucet. The new faucet features an innovative filter and mineralization unit that removes pollutants from tap water and enriches it with important minerals. Although we are aware of the negative impact of plastic bottles on our environment, concerns about sufficient water quality from a faucet often make us reach for already bottled water from the supermarket. However, aspects of sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in our consumption decisions. With the decisions we make, we want to do something good for ourselves, but also for the environment. Therefore, in addition to the burden on nature caused by plastic bottles, heavy lugging, the required storage space, and brooding over the actual production and quality of the water, is counterproductive for our inner balance. Carefree water consumption while reducing waste and minimizing heavy lifting: with the hansgrohe Aqittura M91 FilterSystem more mindfulness and balance finds its way into daily routines.

Balance and Comfort in Everyday Life

The innovation from hansgrohe brings convenience and balance to the kitchen and everyday life: filtered and mineralized drinking water of high quality is always quickly available. Thanks to the innovative MinTec® mineralization and filter technology, water is stripped of pollutants and infused with valuable minerals. Aqittura M91 FilterSystem thus contributes sip by sip, glass by glass, quite incidentally to a more sustainable lifestyle and a balanced diet.

The easy-to-change filter cartridges offer an individual choice in the taste and mineralization level of the tap water. In total, the range consists of three mineralizing filters, one activated carbon filter, and one ion exchanger with activated carbon content in two sizes. The mineralizing filters (Harmony, Life and Sport) contain different formulas and add different proportions of minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium) to the water. By default, the faucet is offered with the ,Harmony' filter cartridge. The high-performance activated carbon filter minimizes 95 percent of pollutants and other interfering particles for improved water quality. The ion exchanger with activated carbon filter provides double protection and prevents limescale formation, especially in areas with hard water. It binds calcifying ions for even better taste and worry-free, safe enjoyment.

These recyclable mineralization and filter cartridges are flexibly placed, either free-standing in the kitchen cabinet under the faucet, or permanently mounted in the base cabinet or on the wall. The positioning is freely selectable. The integrated shut-off valve and the built-in backflow preventer allow the filter cartridges to be changed when the line pressure is full. Directly at the faucet, users can manually choose between optimized, still tap water or unfiltered tap water by means of two different control units. The separate water supply with two outlets is operated via different faucet levers or buttons, depending on the design variant. The optional integrated flow meter measures the actual water flow in the filter on request and provides an overview of when it needs to be changed.

Full Swing or Straightforward?

The hansgrohe Aqittura M91 FilterSystem filter and mineralization faucet is available in two different design variants. The stylish round arch of Aqittura FilterSystem 210 blends particularly harmoniously into kitchen islands without wall units. An almost invisible push button on the front of the filigree round arch activates the flow of optimized tap water. The minimalist-designed handle, on the other hand, delivers conventional tap water when pressed. Thanks to the separate water supply, it is possible to switch between optimized and normal water in seconds, as desired. Aqittura FilterSystem 210 has a practical extension hose of up to 76 centimeters and a comfortable swivel range. Thus, the faucet supports a functional workflow in the kitchen. The sBox included in the scope of delivery ensures quiet, smooth-running and protected hose routing in the base cabinet.

Those who prefer straight lines will be convinced by hansgrohe Aqittura FilterSystem 240. Thanks to its linear design with a horizontal, straight-lined spout, the new faucet blends harmoniously into almost any modern kitchen design. The Select knob on the side of the faucet taps the mineralized and filtered tap water. The single-lever handle at the outlet end, on the other hand, dispenses normal tap water. Both design variants are available in high-quality chrome finish, trend-safe matte black or stylish stainless-steel finish. The QuickClean technology and the particularly high-quality surface finish make it especially easy to clean.

About hansgrohe

hansgrohe stands for innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms that combine intelligent functionality, outstanding design, and enduring quality. With its many award-winning products, the brand steeped in tradition, shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Together with long-time design partners PHOENIX Design, Smart Living applications are also part of the brand’s portfolio, focusing on enriching people’s everyday lives and offering them more functionality and safety in their homes. Within the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, the premium brand hansgrohe manufactures, markets and distributes showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets, and kitchen sinks.

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