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The Feel-Good Factor for Body and Mind

hansgrohe RainTunes Combines Water, Sound, Light, Moving Images, and Fragrance to Create a Shower Experience that Appeals to all the Senses
Schiltach, March 2021. There is no doubt that the digital developments of our era are accelerating the pace of our everyday lives. So why not harness these new technological possibilities to turn things around and help people relax, unwind, and revitalize? hansgrohe RainTunes, a digital shower system, is an example of how the harmonious interplay of water, light, sound, images, and fragrance can reflect the mood of the individual user and provide them with the shower experience they desire.

As an industry leader in innovation and design, hansgrohe has always been passionate about turning interaction with water into a special experience. “We have always been driven to provide added with our products and technologies,” explains Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Marketing at hansgrohe. “In this context, digitalization is an opportunity rather than an obstacle to creating feel-good experiences with water. It allows us to reinvent the use of water in our bathrooms – with RainTunes, we can offer multisensory experiences that can be tailored to the user’s individual needs.”

Listening to the Body’s Inner Voice

hansgrohe RainTunes does indeed individually engage with the user via pre-configured shower scenarios. Getting a good start to the day, relaxing after sports, enjoying a wellness break, or soothing the body and mind before bed – whatever the individual mood of the user, RainTunes offers a shower experience that appeals to all the senses. With the hansgrohe home app, the users can choose from a total of seven different shower scenarios using their smartphone: “Good Morning,” “Revitalization,” “Vitality,” “Relaxation,” “Beauty,” “Nature,” and “Good Night.” These have been developed with the support of many experts, including dermatologists, sports medicine experts, physical therapists, and aromatherapy specialists. Acoustic worlds composed especially for RainTunes have been tailored to the respective water choreography. Specifically designed for the individual scenarios, shower essences from the RainScent fragrance tab range underscore the selected ambiance. Image sequences appropriate to the respective shower program are displayed on a video screen from collaboration partner ad notam, further enhancing the feel-good factor. Once the shower scenario has been selected on the hansgrohe home app, the moving images automatically appear on the waterproof LED screen and allow the user to immerse even deeper in the chosen scenario while showering. Light in different colors and shapes additionally underscores the feel-good ambiance in the bathroom. hansgrohe recommends Philips Hue as the ideal lighting partner, with a range of lights and matching accessories that can be combined with RainTunes via the Philips Hue Smart Home system.

Simply Digital – Comprehensively Functional

Hansgrohe is embarking on a new era in showering, thanks not just to the multisensory scenarios but also the shower controls in the hansgrohe home app. These connect with the hansgrohe shower products via the home’s Wi-Fi network. The shower scenario selected is transmitted to the shower with a tap on the app and then activated via the Play button. With these individually adjustable control buttons, the user can select spray modes, the quantity of water, the temperature, and the start and end of the shower experience. The RainButtons are linked to a central unit behind the wall via Bluetooth and can therefore for the first time be operated separately from the permanently installed faucet. By contrast, the fixed RainPad central control panel offers an alternative way to control the shower. This also receives the various shower scenarios via the hansgrohe home app and activates them when the Play symbol is pressed on the RainPad touch screen. There is, of course, also the option of customizing the daily shower ritual using the RainPad. The temperature, quantity of water, and spray mode can be changed at any time.

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hansgrohe stands for innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms that combine intelligent functionality, outstanding design, and enduring quality. With its many award-winning products, the brand steeped in tradition, shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Together with long-time design partners PHOENIX Design, Smart Living applications are also part of the brand’s portfolio, focusing on enriching people’s everyday lives and offering them more functionality and safety in their homes. Within the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, the premium brand hansgrohe manufactures, markets and distributes showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets, and kitchen sinks.

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Laura Gutekunst
Manager International Corporate Communications, Global PR hansgrohe