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Everybody’s Darling – Kitchen Faucets for Any Setting

hansgrohe M42 Kitchen Faucets Bring Flexibility to the Kitchen
Schiltach/Löhne, September 2018. With its new M42 kitchen faucets, hansgrohe adds a personal touch to any kitchen, turning the sink into an eye-catching kitchen centrepiece. The wide range is attractively priced and offers many options featuring an aesthetically appealing design. No matter whether a student’s small kitchen in a studio flat, a young professional’s stylish kitchen or a large family kitchen – hansgrohe’s M42 kitchen faucets work well with all kitchen sinks and settings.

Since a built-in kitchen in a rental flat cannot easily be completely remodelled, and replacing the entire kitchen sink can be a costly undertaking, the M42 kitchen faucets’ attractive price point makes them particularly suitable for tenants who want to add a personal touch to their flat’s built-in kitchen. No matter the reason – whether the existing faucets no longer works or it simply doesn’t correspond to the tenant’s personal tastes – a kitchen tap is easy to replace and install. This is exactly what makes hansgrohe’s M42 kitchen faucets the perfect solution: installation is quick and easy, immediately giving the kitchen a personal flair and a fresh new look.

An Efficient and Versatile Kitchen Helper

The appeal of the new hansgrohe M42 kitchen faucets lies in their modern, sleek lines. The faucets have rounded surfaces and edges, and are available in chrome and stainless steel finishes to match the look of most contemporary kitchen sinks. Their design thus allows the faucets to blend harmoniously into a variety of different living environments.

The wide range offers a choice of convenient spout heights, bringing greater flexibility to the sink area. In addition to pull-out sprays for high arc faucets, a new model with a low spout height is now also available with a pull-out spout. This means that the M42 kitchen faucets can accommodate specific needs that depend on how the space between the tap and the sink is used and are ideally suited to meet a variety of installation requirements.

Products equipped with pull-out sprays and two spray types ensure optimal use of water: the laminar spray is perfect for targeted filling and the shower spray is ideal for gently washing fruits and vegetables, for example, and for rinsing out the sink. Models with a pull-out spout and one spray type feature a normal spray, which makes it, for instance, easy to fill large containers quickly.

sBox – a Smart Component

All M42 kitchen faucets with pull-out taps come with the hansgrohe sBox – regardless whether they feature one or two spray types. It keeps the cabinet under the kitchen sink uncluttered and stows the pull-out hose into a flat box specially designed for base units, ensuring smooth and secure operation. The hansgrohe sBox allows the pull-out hose to extend up to 76 centimetres – so pots can also be filled away from the sink.

The M42 range of kitchen faucets also include taps equipped with a shut off valve to safely connect to appliances such as dishwashers, CoolStart Eco to lower costs, and a fold-down tap for installation in front of a window: the tap can simply be laid flat, making it ideal for installation in front of windows or for easy cleaning when space is limited.

About hansgrohe

As part of the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, hansgrohe is the premium brand for showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets, as well as kitchen sinks. With its many award-winning products, hansgrohe shapes the flow of water in the kitchen and the bathroom. Because this is where people spend the time they treasure most and experience precious moments in the interaction with water. With these moments in mind, hansgrohe develops groundbreaking solutions that unite extraordinary design, long-lasting quality and intelligent features for maximum ease of use. hansgrohe turns water into an impressive experience:

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Laura Dietrich
PR Manager hansgrohe Brand